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Oncology Portfolio

Immunodeficient Models, Lab Animal Diets, & Services

Reducing Research Variables
At Harlan, we offer a comprehensive line of rodent models, laboratory animal diets, and services to help you achieve your research goals. Harlan is the only company that produces both immunodeficient models and lab animal diets that are specifically designed to not interfere with your research results. We raise our animals on our Teklad diets. By using our rodent models and continuing to feed them the recommended Teklad diet, you can reduce, rather than introduce, variation into your research.

Teklad Global Rodent Diets® for Oncology Research
Many researchers are unaware of the adverse effects that phytoestrogens, chlorophyll, and nitrosamines can have on their studies. Our Teklad Global Diets are specifically designed for biomedical research and as a result, these compounds have been reduced or completely removed from our Teklad Global Diets. By keeping your animals on Teklad diets, you can be confident that your research isn’t being impacted by unwanted ingredients.

Rodent Models for Oncology Research
Globally, Harlan provides high-quality nude mice, SCID mice, and nude rats all with proven performance in tumor uptake and growth. We know that hidden ingredients in diets can negatively impact oncology research, so we raise our animals on our Teklad diets that are free of these ingredients of concern.

Cell Line References
Harlan has an extensive online database of peer-reviewed publications across major cancer cell lines. Our new cell line reference tool helps you make confident, time-efficient selections of optimal Harlan models for your oncology research.

Xenograft Tumor Model Growth Rates
Our online library of in vivo tumor growth data provides researchers with representative tumor growth curves for tumor cell lines and xenograft models of interest. The tumor growth data sheets cover a variety of tissue types, cell lines, and xenograft models. Established tumor growth rates help you make more informed model decisions.

Services for Oncology Research
Harlan offers Gene Expression Services, Monoclonal Antibody Production Services and Contract Breeding to support our customers' oncology research needs.

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Oncology portfolio with models, diet and bedding