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Teklad Global Diets®


Using standardized fixed formulas and the highest quality ingredients, Harlan's unique Teklad Global Diets® provide nutritional consistency to national and multinational companies for their worldwide research.

You can achieve global standardization in your feeding regimen without sacrificing the security of local control and distribution. To maximize operational efficiency for our customers, our Global Diets have standardized product names and code numbers in all countries.

Comprehensive Overview of Teklad Global Diets®

Teklad Global Diets® – Key Advantages

  • Global availability
  • Company-owned and controlled distribution
  • Fixed formulas and stringent ingredient procurement
  • Standardized product names and code numbers
  • Lab diets designed to reflect the latest research
  • Reduces variation in research and testing at multiple locations
  • Vegetarian rodent diets with no nitrosamines
  • Lower protein rodent diets formulated to exclude alfalfa meal and exclude or lower soybean meal, thus minimizing the presence of natural phytoestrogens
  • Extruded rodent diets now available that dramatically reduce clumping and hardness after autoclaving (2018X, 2019S, 2020SX) and also greatly reduces waste.

For general information, please contact us at tekladinfo@harlan.comFor technical questions, please contact us at askanutritionist@harlan.com

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