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Flexible Film Isolators


Harlan Isotec was originally formed to satisfy the isolation and containment requirements of Harlan's laboratory animal colonies. These isolation and containment systems were designed and produced around the utilization of flexible-film plastic. Over the years, Isotec has been involved in the research and development that has driven the science of flexible-film isolation and containment systems and has formalized a collaboration with North Kent Plastics (NKP) in UK to meet full customer demand in EU.

Application of Isotec Systems

  • Production of laboratory animals up to germ-free (axenic) status in a stable environment for long periods of time
  • Maintenance of animals involved in long-term studies where a consistent, uniform environment is desired
  • Maintenance of virus antibody-positive animals in a virus antibody-negative environment

Isotec Isolators are an economically effective means to isolate laboratory animals from pathogenic, opportunistic, or commensal organisms. They also provide an environment-controlled containment area in your laboratories, work areas, animal rooms, surgery rooms, or where required.

Harlan Isotec and NKP have over 20 years of experience in the development of quality and diversified applications including accessories such as cages. Customized to meet our customers' requirements, our complete line of isolators range from small lab-top to very large units.

Features include:

  • Two-tier system offered for full economic utilization of available space
  • HEPA filters
  • Individual air supply
  • Pressure differential gauge continuously monitors pressure
  • Maneuverable, freestanding mobile racking with lockable wheels

Please download our Isolator Data Sheet for a full overview of our containment solutions.

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