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Stock and Strain Elimination

The following lists the stocks and strains that have been eliminated, cryopreserved, or are now maintained at another facility.

MRL/MpOlaHsdMouseCryopreserved in UK
SWR/OlaHsdMouseCryopreserved in UK
HsdOla:MF1-HRMouseCryopreserved in UK
Hsd:Sprague Dawley®(CD)RatEliminated
PVG/OlaHsdRatEliminated in US
AUG/OlaHsdRatCryopreserved in UK
PVG.DA-RT1av1/OlaHsdRatCryopreserved in UK
LUDW/OlaHsdRatCryopreserved in UK
TR/AmcHsd-Abcc2(F11)RatMoved to RRRC (2/25/09) for Maintenance
F344/DchcHsd-DPPIV-RatMoved to RRRC (2/25/09) for Maintenance
HsdBlu:BRAT-AvpdiRatMoved to RRRC (11/5/09) for Maintenance
HsdBlu:BRAT-Avpdi/Avp+RatMoved to RRRC (2/5/09) for Maintenance
Hsd:HIV-1 (SD®)RatIn Progress to Move to RRRC


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