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Teklad Lab Animal Diets

Teklad Lab Animal Diets are categorized into two main categories: Natural Ingredient Diets and Custom Research Diets. The lists below are representative of the over 20,000 formulas we have produced. To discuss your specific needs, please contact a nutritionist.

Teklad Natural Ingredient Diets

View by species or Search

RodentTeklad Global Rodent Diets Ingredient ComparisonDownload PDF
2014 Teklad Global 14% Protein Rodent Maintenance DietDownload PDF
2014S Teklad Global 14% Protein Rodent Maintenance DietDownload PDF
2016 Teklad Global 16% Protein Rodent DietDownload PDF
2016S Teklad Global 16% Protein Rodent Diet (Sterilizable)Download PDF
2018 Teklad Global 18% Protein Rodent DietDownload PDF
2018S Teklad Global 18% Protein Rodent Diet (Sterilizable)Download PDF
2018SX Teklad Global 18% Protein Extruded Rodent Diet (Sterilizable)Download PDF
2019 Teklad Global 19% Protein Extruded Rodent DietDownload PDF
2019S Teklad Global 19% Protein Extruded Rodent Diet (Sterilizable)Download PDF
2020SX Teklad Global Extruded Rodent Diet (Soy Protein-Free) (Sterilizable)Download PDF
2020X Teklad Global Extruded Rodent Diet (Soy Protein-Free)Download PDF
7001 Teklad 4% Mouse/Rat DietDownload PDF 
7002 Teklad 6% Mouse/Rat DietDownload PDF 
7004 Teklad S-2335 Mouse Breeder Sterilizable DietDownload PDF
7012 Teklad LM-485 Mouse/Rat Sterilizable DietDownload PDF 
7013 NIH-31 Modified Open Formula Mouse/Rat Sterilizable DietDownload PDF 
7017 NIH-31 Open Formula Mouse/Rat Sterilizable DietDownload PDF 
7022 NIH-07 Mouse/Rat DietDownload PDF
7034 Teklad Low Salt Mouse/Rat Sterilizable DietDownload PDF
8604 Teklad Rodent DietDownload PDF 
8626 Teklad Mouse Breeder DietDownload PDF
8640 Teklad 22/5 Rodent DietDownload PDF
8656 Teklad Sterilizable Rodent DietDownload PDF
8664 Teklad F6 Rodent DietDownload PDF
8728C Teklad Certified Rodent DietDownload PDF
Dog2021 Teklad Global 21% Protein Dog DietDownload PDF
2025 Teklad Global 25% Protein Dog DietDownload PDF
2027 Teklad Global 27% Protein Dog DietDownload PDF
8653 Teklad 25% Lab Dog DietDownload PDF
8727C Teklad Certified 25% Lab Dog DietDownload PDF
8755 Teklad 21% Lab Dog DietDownload PDF
Rabbit2030 Teklad Global Rabbit DietDownload PDF
2031 Teklad Global High Fiber Rabbit DietDownload PDF
8630 Teklad 15% Rabbit DietDownload PDF
Guinea Pig2040 Teklad Global Guinea Pig DietDownload PDF
2041 Teklad Global High Fiber Guinea Pig DietDownload PDF
7006 Teklad Guinea Pig DietDownload PDF 
Primate2050 Teklad Global 20% Protein Primate DietDownload PDF
2055 Teklad Global 25% Protein Primate DietDownload PDF
2056 Teklad Global Soy Protein-Free Primate DietDownload PDF
7195 Teklad Hi-Fiber Primate DietDownload PDF 
7774 Teklad Zoo Primate DietDownload PDF 
8714 Teklad 15% Monkey DietDownload PDF 
8788 Teklad 15/10 Hi-Fiber Monkey DietDownload PDF 
8794 Teklad New World Primate DietDownload PDF 
Cat2060 Teklad Global Cat DietDownload PDF
Ferret2072 Teklad Global Ferret DietDownload PDF
Swine7037 Teklad Miniswine DietDownload PDF 
7200 Teklad Vegetarian Pig/Sow GrowerDownload PDF 
8753 Teklad Miniswine DietDownload PDF 
Other7060 Teklad Ruminant DietDownload PDF 
7778 Teklad Woodchuck DietDownload PDF 


 Teklad Custom Research Diets

The examples below represent a small number of the custom research diet formulas we make. Please contact a nutritionist with your specific requirements.

View custom diets or Search

AIN Diet FormulasCA.170481 AIN-76A Purified DietDownload PDF
TD.94045 AIN-93G Purified DietDownload PDF
TD.94048 AIN-93M Purified DietDownload PDF
TD.94096 Adjusted Vitamins DietDownload PDF
TD.97184 Purified DietDownload PDF
TD.00102 Purified DietDownload PDF
TD.95092 7% Corn Oil DietDownload PDF
Carbohydrate AdjustedTD.89247 60% Fructose DietDownload PDF
TD.86489 Diet with Adjusted Sucrose/CornstarchDownload PDF
TD.96348 Diet (20% Lactose, 2% Ca, 1.25% P)Download PDF
TD.98090 70% Carbohydrate DietDownload PDF
TD.96355 Ketogenic DietDownload PDF
Fat/Kcal AdjustedTD.06414 Adjusted Calories Diet (60/Fat)Download PDF
TD.06415 Adjusted Calories Diet (45/Fat)Download PDF
TD.03584 35% Lard Diet (Adj., No C)Download PDF
TD.93075 Adjusted Calories Diet (55/fat)Download PDF
TD.95217 Adjusted Fat DietDownload PDF
TD.96132 Adjusted Fat DietDownload PDF
TD.88137 Adjusted Kcal Diet (42% from fat)Download PDF
TD.08811 45% Kcal Fat Diet (21% MF, 2% SBO)Download PDF 
Protein Adjusted DietsTD.93328 "Protein Free" DietDownload PDF
TD.90016 6% Protein DietDownload PDF
TD.91352 20% Protein DietDownload PDF
TD.90018 40% Protein DietDownload PDF
AtherogenicTD.88137 Adjusted Calories Diet (42% from fat)Download PDF
TD.88051 Cocoa Butter and Purina Chow DietDownload PDF
TD.90221 Cocoa Butter Diet with 75% Purina Mouse (5015)Download PDF
TD.94059 5015, Cocoa Butter, Chol., etc. (excludes cholate)Download PDF
TD.02028 Atherogenic Rodent Diet (1.25% Chol. & 0.5% Cholic Acid)Download PDF
TD.01383 2018 + 2% CholesterolDownload PDF
Amino Acid DefinedTD.99366 Amino Acid DietDownload PDF
TD.90262 Methionine & Choline Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.00434 Folic Acid Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.99386 No Lysine AA DietDownload PDF
Vitamin Adjusted DietsTD.86143 Vitamin A Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.89123 Vitamin D Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.88163 Vitamin E Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.95247 Folic Acid Deficient DietDownload PDF
Mineral Adjusted DietsTD.80396 Iron Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.85419 Zinc Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.88239 Potassium Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.95027 Low Calcium Diet (0.4% P)Download PDF
TD.96348 Diet (20% Lactose, 2% Ca, 1.25% P)Download PDF
TD.92163 Selenium Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.95125 Iodine Deficient (0.15% PTU)Download PDF
NaCl Adjusted (Natural Ingredient)TD.90228 Sodium Deficient DietDownload PDF
TD.96208 0.49% NaCl DietDownload PDF
TD.90229 1% NaCl DietDownload PDF
TD.92034 4% NaCl DietDownload PDF
TD.92012 8% NaCl DietDownload PDF
Doxycycline DietsTD.01306 Rodent Diet (2018 + 625 doxycycline)Download PDF
TD.08541 Rodent Diet (2018 + 625 doxycycline + Red)Download PDF
TD.00502 Rodent Diet (2018 + 200 doxycycline)Download PDF 
TD.110720 Rodent Diet (2020 + 625 doxycycline)Download PDF 
TD.09651 Rodent Diet (2019 + 625 doxycycline)Download PDF  
TD.09761 Rodent Diet (2019 + 625 doxycycline + Green)Download PDF 
TD.02503 Rodent Diet (2016 + 625 doxycycline)Download PDF 
TD.00426 Rodent Diet (2014 + 625 doxycycline)Download PDF 
TD.07382 Rodent Diet (2014 + 625 doxycycline + Red)Download PDF 
TD.05125 Rodent Diet (7012 + 625 doxycycline)Download PDF 
TD.08434 Rodent Diet (7012 + 625 doxycycline + Blue)Download PDF 
TD.98186 Rodent Diet (7012 + 200 doxycycline + Red)Download PDF 
Tamoxifen DietsTD.07262 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 400 TCS)Download PDF
TD.09327 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 400 TCS + Red)Download PDF
TD.07694 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 250)Download PDF 
TD.110069 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 250 + Red) Download PDF 
TD.10893 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 250 + Green)Download PDF  
TD.08518 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 500)Download PDF 
TD.10296 Tamoxifen Diet (2016 + 500 + Green)Download PDF 
Basal MixesTD.00235 Basal Mix (93%); AIN-93G without fatDownload PDF
TD.88232 Basal Mix (Without 20% Oil)Download PDF
Custom Research Other SpeciesTD.92033 Swine Diet (15% Lard, 1.2% Cholesterol)Download PDF
TD.92052 Swine Diet (15% Lard, 1.5% Cholesterol)Download PDF
TD.93296 Swine Diet (15% Lard, 2% Cholesterol)Download PDF


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