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New Agrochemical Data Requirements

What do the new data requirements for EC 1107/2009 mean for your Agrochemical registrations?
Harlan Laboratories’ background data, set on virtually every active ingredient and over 30 years of experience working with hundreds of formulated products, gives you the advantage of getting your product to market with the lowest risk. Lean six sigma programs being undertaken at our sites allow our pricing to be more competitive than ever, without affecting our benchmark levels of quality.
Amongst other new requirements, authorities will now expect that submissions include:
  • 5 year historical control data
  • Increased genotoxicity data
  • Increased in vitro assessments
  • Requirement that all data is generated under GLP conditions
Our experts work in integrated teams across Regulatory, Toxicology (including Inhalation and Neurotoxicity), Environmental Fate, Environmental Toxicology, Analytical, Genetic Toxicology and Physico-Chemical Properties to ensure your project runs effortlessly.
Harlan is also one of the few CROs that can boast breadth and depth within the Agrochemical regulatory field. We are also unique in our dedicated Strategic Alliance Manager approach for all projects.
For questions or to test the service, contact our specialists below.
Regulatory: Sean McCarthy, PhD
Environmental fate: Dr. Michael Gassen
Environmental Toxicology: Dr. Stefan Hoeger
or Mr. Chris Mead cmead@harlan.com
Analytical: Dr. Jörn Schreitmüller
or Mr. Darren Mullee dmullee@harlan.com
Physico-Chemical Properties: Mr. Darran White
or Mr. Steven Woolley swoolley@harlan.com
Genetic Toxicology: Dr. Albrecht Poth
or Mr. Robert Durward rdurward@harlan.com
General Toxicology: Dr. Ciriaco Maraschiello
Inhalation Toxicology: Mr. Brian Anderson
Reproductive Toxicology: Mr. Eric Wood
Alternative Toxicology: Mr. Robert Guest
or Dr. Albrecht Poth apoth@harlan.com
Neurotoxicity: Dr. Eva Rached

General inquiries: crs.eu@harlan.com