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64th AALAS National Meeting October 27-31

Booth #1623

Harlan Laboratories invites you to participate in our activities at the AALAS National Meeting in Baltimore, MD. We will be hosting various activities in our booth as well as providing information on key areas that will be beneficial to your research.

Looking for Scientific Learning?

  • Poster:  Outbreak of Pathogenic E. coli in an Outdoor Housed Nonhuman Primate Colony 
    • Authors: Krishnan Kolappaswamy, Kathleen Turner, William Porter, and Hilton J. Klein 
    • Poster Presenter: Krishnan Kolappaswamy

Looking for Information?

  • Talk to our technical team about your research needs
  • Try Harlan's online Oncology Cell Line Reference Tool

Looking for Fun?

  • Harlan is a Tech Fun Fair Participating Exhibitor
    • Learn the answers to the virtual scavenger hunt questions about Harlan's products and services.
    • Come by Booth #1623 to get your special gift for participating in the Tech Fun Fair!
  • Explore the world... through the lens of Harlan employees - via winning photos contained in the 2014 Harlan Calendar. It's an annual tradition!


Please visit our team in booth #1623. We look forward to seeing you at AALAS.