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Training Courses 2014


The introduced 2010/63/EU Directive indicates that animal care staff shall be adequately educated and trained before they perform procedures on animals. Member States are obliged to publish the minimum requirements with regard to education and training and the requirements for obtaining, maintaining and demonstrating requisite competence. It’s our responsibility to have appropriate training and competencies as they ensure best practices and solid results in the best interests of both the animals and the science. To maintain competencies, current levels of skill and knowledge must be regularly asessed. Therefore Harlan Laboratories is offering an interesting range of training courses, which are listed below.

All courses are given by experienced trainees and external experts with a laboratory animal science background, coordinated by our Animal Welfare Officer. They aim to develop knowledge and skills for scientists and technicians with a focus on best practice and scientific background.

Introductory course micro-surgery
This 2-day training course covers the basic principles of micro surgery in rodents including suture techniques. It will cover both theoretical information and practical hands-on surgery, and post-surgery handling & maintenance of the animals.

Advanced course micro-surgery
This second 2-day training course builds on the introductory course and continues with basic information on anesthesia and peri-operative care of small laboratory rodents. The practical part will focus on more advanced techniques. This course has a very strong focus on the individual participant with a lot of hands-on surgery.

Telemetry in rodents
This 2-day training course requires some basic skills of micro surgery and aims to instruct participants on the applications of radio telemetry in small laboratory rodents both in demonstration and practical exercise.

Invasive and/or semi automated chronic blood sampling techniques in rodents
Recent developments including the availability of pre-catheterized rodents and high sensitivity bio-analytics have enabled chronic, serial blood sampling in rodents. The automation of blood sampling and the use of dried blood spot techniques have simplified the collection of micro samples, making it possible to take a full PK profile from a single animal. However, the surgery itself and catheter patency remain as significant challenges.

Injection and administration techniques in rodents
This training course is designed to improve the competence of laboratory animal technicians dealing with handling of rodents for purposes of injection. Both theoretical and practical training will be provided. Many technical skills can only be obtained by intensive and careful training. We invite attendees to share knowledge and expertise.

Dedicated courses
We offer dedicated courses based on customer needs.

All courses are organized in the Netherlands, in dedicated rooms for theory and practice with a strong focus on animal welfare, since good welfare is good science. During all courses, we will provide information on practical items such as transport, housing and special care of surgically prepared animal models.

Please note that since each participant will have her/his own set-up during the entire course, consisting of an operation microscope and several surgical tools, the number of attendees per course is limited to a maximum.

For a detailed overview or to register, please download the corresponding PDF:

Training Brochure 2014      Registration Form

Please contact your local account manager with any questions, or email us at secr@harlan.com.